Balcony with views of the Daintree River

Accommodation Options for your Fishing Adventure

There are many accommodation options in the area but we have found that these suggestions have become so popular that many of our repeat clients keep coming back year after year and utilise their services. They also book us for their wonderful Daintree River experience.

Daintree Riverview Lodges & Van Park

Ideal for a Boys Weekend or relaxing Family Experience. Travel to the Daintree region by car and settle yourself at the very picturesque Daintree River View Cabins. Whether you partake in half day or full day fishing trips with us, you can do the following with your freshly caught fish or mud crabs:

  • Self Cook at the well equipped River Views camp kitchen.
  • For Lunch, take your quarry directly from the boat to the Daintree Village Hotel or Croc Expresso for freshly cooked beer battered fish, chips and salad. All within a short walk of your cabin and this is very popular with our clients.

Phone: 0409 627 434

Pinnacle Village Caravan Park

This very well appointed park just south of the Daintree, has caravan sites and cabins available. It is very popular for short or long term stays in the area for the nomadic traveller. It is a 5 minute drive to our meeting place for your fishing trip. The bonus here is you have wonderful beach front access to fishing the pristine waters of Nth Wonga Beach and a 30 minute stroll further to the mouth of the Daintree River. It's a great place to base yourself for a very relaxing fishing holiday.

Phone: 1800 222 728

Janbal Retreat

For the Nature Lovers this unique rainforest accommodation is a great hidden location near our departure point. With access to 27 acres of pure tranquility, it has an amazing raised pole home embracing the untarnished Daintree Rainforest in absolute luxurious surroundings. It is a private home and your sanctuary to enjoy unique flora, bird species and animals that only inhabit this World Heritage area. After a great day fishing or exploring the Daintree River, this is the ideal place to retreat and caters for up to 6 pax. It is a fishing trip you'll cherish forever.

Website: Listing on airbnb

Where we fish

Upper River Fresh Waters

Target species: Barramundi, mangrove jack, archer fish, tarpon

Middle River Brackish Waters

Target species: Barramundi, mangrove jack, trevally, tarpon

Lower River Salt Waters & Estuaries

Target species: Barramundi, mangrove jack, big queenfish, various bigger trevally species, javelin fish, permit, mud crabs

River Entrance

Target species: Big queenfish, various bigger trevally species, school mackerel, permit

Coastal Snapper Island, shipwrecks, wonky holes & rubble patches

Target species: Large mouth nannygai, coral & bar cheek trout, big trevally species, big queenfish, Spanish / grey & school mackerel

Outer Great Barrier Reef systems

Target species: Red emperor, large & small mouth nannygai, coral & bar cheek trout, big trevally species, Spanish mackerel